Thanks for checking out this Events page. Here is a tiny glimpse into some of the themed parties I've put together over the years. Click the photos for larger images and in some cases additional photos.


For Wren's 7th birthday, we held a 007 Spy Party. Kids were sent a top secret, cryptic invitation and required to respond with a facial photo to receive more information. They were asked to wear all black and show up at a certain time to receive their mission dossier. The kit included the mission documents, the Bakery Bandit rap sheet, a photo ID complete with working QR scan code and fingerprint, black wayfarer sunglasses, a notebook, black pencil, a decoding spyglass, cipher card, and a disguise mustache. The first project was constructing satchels out of black felt to easily tote their spy kit. Next we had a team briefing to detail the mission - Outsmart the Bakery Bandit and find the stolen cake! The kids worked together to decipher clues leading them closer to the cake. From a laser maze, to balloon bombs, to a bomb pinata, the kids worked tirelessly through each coded note, leading them finally to the missing cake! Click on the images above for more photos.


For her 10th birthday, Wren requested a Tron party. We rented the stand up arcade game, created a gaff tape grid on our entire living room and dining room, lit up the place with black lights, and screened the movie. For food we had a pile of bean and cheese burritos and a chocolate fountain with every dipper imaginable (yep there's bacon).


One of my very favorite parties was a baby shower for my dear friend, Valerie. It was an ice cream social and we stuck strictly to the theme with an elaborate ice cream and topping bar (yep, bacon again), ice cream cone cake pops, soda jerks to dip up the ice cream, and freshly deep-fried salty french fries to compliment all that sugar. 


Fox's second birthday had a nautical theme. We had an origami sailboat craft for the older kids, an ombre cake, licorice knots, sailboat deviled eggs, and a nautical banner to complete the decor.


Wren's 8th birthday party theme was Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. We screened the movie, made felt bow ties, and had a Pee-Wee cake and vintage Pee-Wee doll for photo ops.